Driving Offences

The matter will be dealt with by David Williams with support. He is a qualified Chartered Legal Executive with over 30 years experience.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that motoring offences can occur to anyone at any time – they can be very minor or very serious and can have very serious consequences including fines, penalty points, disqualification or in the most serious offences imprisonment.

In the event that you have been charged with a motoring offence for example, a driving offence such as driving without due care and attention, speeding, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or more serious matters such as reckless driving in particular where a serious injury has been caused.  You should for your own protection be legally represented and seek legal advice to help limit the possible sanctions available to the Court in such matters. In addition to these sanctions there can be other more immediate and practicable matters which need to be taken account of and that is not only penalty points but also the effect that these matters would have upon the terms and availability of insurance and the effect that such may have on your employment.

We will take your detailed instructions upon the matters in hand and consider with you realistically the most appropriate way forward paying particular regard to realistic expectations balanced by evidence and cost effectivity.


Cost may differ quite dramatically depending upon the offence(s) that are alleged against you and the extent of the evidence and necessary time to be taken in considering and advising you in respect of such.  Further matters that are relevant will be whether it is your intention to admit or contest the charges against you, the evidence to be obtained, experts’ opinions, expert’s evidence and the possible instruction of a Barrister.

The cost that we charge you will include the consideration of the evidence that is alleged against you, advice in respect of that evidence, advice as regards the possibility of obtaining (if available and relevant) experts reports and opinions, attendance at the hearing (normally one) with a Barrister.  

The level of our fees will depend on whether it is your intention to plead guilty or not guilty.  With regards to a guilty plea, our charges would involve two and a half hours work including correspondence, preparation, consideration of evidence, advising you and the instruction of a Barrister to assist in the mitigation at a single hearing before the Magistrates.  As regards a not guilty plea of necessity this is a far more time extensive matter and would include the above but would also allow for a half day appearance, preparation and consideration of the evidence as above and the instruction of a Barrister once again at a single hearing before the Magistrates.

We can provide a detailed estimate of time taken in charges once we have had the opportunity to consider and take your instructions – you will appreciate that each case is very different and the extent of the work involved has a direct impact on the costs involved.

Sometimes our fixed fees may vary depending upon the subsequent complexity and additional matters that might be required over and above matters that were initially considered and where the fresh matters either could not have been reasonably foreseen or were foreseen but would only come into play depending upon subsequent circumstances – in all events we will give very clear indications as to the costing involved.  The additional matters that would typically be involved in additional work having to be undertaken on matters such as the obtaining of expert witnesses, additional witnesses, preparation of unforeseen statements and (if necessary) providing advice on appeal.


It is not possible in matters that involve criminal charges to give accurate advices on the time that will be involved as these matters depend not only on the Police and CPS but also primarily on Court availability.  We will keep you advised.


Will include our meeting with you and (if necessary) the Barrister to be involved, consideration of the evidence provided, the procedures and approximate time scale involved, likely outcomes including sentencing options available to the Court, meeting with you and the Barrister at Court and consideration of the outcome of the final hearing.

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In summary form, we will do all that we can to assist you in connection with this matter upon a cost time effective and realistic nature particularly bearing in mind the nature of the instructions and expectations.  Please feel free to contact us for an initial free half hour consultation.